Asi Walo Beach in Sawo Sub-District, North Nias Regency - Indonesia

For those visiting North Nias Regency in Indonesia, they should never miss the chance to explore the beauty of Asi Walo Beach in Sawo Sub-District. This good-looking beach resides near to Gunungsitoli City, having the distance of approximately 40 km. Due to this benefit tourists can easily get to the site despite their hectic vacation schedule. Like other stunning beaches of Nias Regency, Asi Walo is also famous for its beauty and serene atmosphere. However, it is not suitable for surfing.

The Nuance
The most noticeable feature of Walo Beach is the faultless red sand. Even the locals call it “Pasir Bengkoang” or the Yam Sand as the color represents the pureness of the flesh of the vegetable. As for the color of the sea, it emits both light and dark blue as the depth varies as well. The thing is tourists won’t find big waves on this beach, so it is not suitable for surfing. Instead, visitors can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and comfy wind on the site. Not to mention several huts reside facing the sea where tourists can sit and relax.

Exploring Asi Walo Beach
Once arriving at the beach, the first thing tourists can do is to rest in available huts. While resting, they can order a warm tea or coffee and witness the breathtaking views of the sea from such comfortable spot. Aside from warm beverages, they can enjoy fresh coconut water as well! Not to mention several types of fries like fried bananas are available for tourists to enjoy! This activity can be done either before or after conducting fun activities like swimming or beach walking, actually.

The next fun activity to do in Asi Walo Beach is to explore the site. The red and flawless sand is definitely impressive. Moreover, it comes with soft texture as well, so everyone does not even need to wear sandals or shoes when getting around the coast. The red color of the sand occurs due to the mixture of corals’ shrapnel and the regular sand of the beach, actually. No wonder, tourists often take advantage of such uniqueness for photography.

Another attraction that tourists can find in Asi Walo Beach is the famous Museum of Corals. It belongs to Ama Dili Zega, a senior who loves to collect corals including other sea objects like shells. The best thing is that tourists are allowed to enter the museum and watch such collection comfortably. However, make sure to take care of the cleanliness of the site. It is a common consideration, after all.

Nearby Attractions
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How to Get There
As mentioned before, the distance between Gunungsitoli City and Asi Walo Beach is 40 km. That means travelers need to spend an hour to get to the location. Once arriving at the small hill towards Tuhemberua, they only need to turn right. The noticeable landmark is an old big church, so it is easy to find the way to get to the beach. As the tip, do not forget to ask for a direction from the villagers.

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