Malaga Beach in Gunungsitoli City, Nias Regency - Indonesia

For those who are visiting Nias Regency, many options of vacation destinations are waiting for them to explore. In this case, a great reference like Malaga Beach should be on their list for sure. The location is in Gunungsitoli City and it has become one of the best charms of the region. It resides near to Binaka Airport, so everyone can reach the site easily with any type of vehicle! So, what makes it a good place for a vacation, though? The beach offers a good nuance to visitors and becomes a recommended site for relaxation under the trees, sightseeing, photography, and other types of fun activities.

The Nuance 
In terms of nuance, Malaga Beach offers almost perfect natural features. It is because you can find coral reefs, amazing sea scenery, sunset, trees, and other attractions there! Even though lacking rides and fun facilities, some food stands and inns are available near to the beach. When it comes to the waves, are moderate. That means the tourists are allowed to swim in the sea as long as paying attention to the safety. Also, parents with kids should supervise the children carefully when playing in the water.

Exploring Malaga Beach
A trip to Malaga Beach starts from Gunungsitoli City and you can use any type of available vehicle to reach the location. During the short trip, you can enjoy numerous natural attractions like local buildings, lush trees, and villagers! Once arriving at the site, the views look even better featuring cobalt blue sea water and gusty wind. Somehow, it emits romantic nuance as well, which is suitable for those who want to spend a honeymoon or to simply build a stronger relationship with beloved ones.

Malaga Beach is not only popular among tourists, but it also attracts some locals or those who want to conduct organizational activities. Some people even choose the beach as the place to hold a reunion with friends. Why is that? It is said the beach is a new vacation spot in Gunungsitoli City, so it comes with a perfect condition and unspoiled environment. Not to mention it is quite clean and peaceful! On top of that, a hotel resides near to the location, so tourists can spend more than one day there.

What is next? Swimming is allowed, but make sure to come at the right time. During the church retreat, visitors are not allowed to swim in Malaga Beach. Thus, you should gather information regarding such schedule before coming to the beach for swimming. Another important tip is that you need to carry enough cash for foods and accommodation during the adventure in Malaga Beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Humogo Waterfall
  • Ya’ahowu Park
  • Bunda Maria Park
  • Nias Heritage Museum

How to Get There
The beach is located near to Binaka Airport, which is only 10.4 km apart. That means you only need to spend 35 minutes to get to Malaga Beach from the airport using either a car or motorcycle. When it comes to the best route, it is Raya Pelud Binaka.

Where to Stay

  • Mega Nasional Hotel
  • Sthree Hotel
  • Olayama Hotel
  • Soliga Hotel

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