Gawu Soyo Beach in Nias Islands Regency, Indonesia

Nias Islands (Kepulauan Nias) Regency is part of North Sumatra Province and it has been included in the list of the top vacation destinations in Sumatra Island of Indonesia. As for the reference, it offers a unique beach called Gawu Soyo, which is located in Afulu Sub-District. To be exact, it resides in Ombolata Village and has the distance of about 100 km from Binaka Airport. Unlike other beaches, this one features reddish or pink sand, instead of white or brown. In fact, it is the only beach such in Sumatra Island, which comes in such unique sand color.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the beach features reddish color of the sand. Also, the texture of the sand is soft so it is perfect for beach walking. As for the size, the shoreline unfolds about 1-2 km. What is next? Aside from such distinct color of the sand, the beach offers other charms as well. These include the nearby hill and vast open sea. Somehow, those features make a great background for photography! Not to mention the wind feels comfortable and the weather feels so warm. When it comes to the waves, they are considered big (which explains why swimming is prohibited).

Exploring Gawu Soyo Beach
Considered as a virgin beach, Gawu Soyo indeed offers splendid scenery and the best one is definitely the pink sand. Due to such unique feature, photography is quite recommended for tourists. Aside from that, visitors can enjoy recreation and eating foods together with families accompanied by beautiful sea scenery. One thing, make sure to carry foods or snacks as no nearby food stalls are available. Fortunately, you can find some locals who sell fresh coconut drinks on the site. Drinking coconut water at noon on the beach is quite refreshing, isn’t it?

The next thing to do in Gawu Soyo Beach is to learn history and information regarding the site. What makes the pink color of the sand? According to the locals, it was formed gradually due to abrasion of corals. The flakes of the corals mixed with the sand of the beach and creature such mesmerizing color. Next, it is the folklore about the beach. Some locals may tell you about the story of Satria Laowomaru, a boy of Nias, who killed mystical snake called Haria. Due to the fight, the blood of the snake scattered all over the beach (which explains why the sand becomes reddish).

Another charm of the beach is the presence of rare sea creatures, which are sea turtles. However, it is not easy to find them as they rarely come to the beach. It would be amazing if you can encounter them during your first visit to the beach. Also, do not forget to carry a camera for capturing good moments in such location.

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How to Get There
Usually, tourists come from Gido City and head directly to Afulu Sub-District. The distance between those locations is 111 km, so the trip takes approximately 3 hours. As for the best route, you should take Raya Pelud Binaka Street.

Where to Stay

  • Charlita Beach
  • Olayama Hotel
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