Lorang Island in Batu Islands Sub-District, South Nias Regency – Indonesia

Various options of beaches and islands reside in a beautiful region called Nias. For instance, there is Batu or Tello Archipelago in South Nias Regency. It is the home of many small islands including Lorang. Unlike its neighbors, this island is inhabited so tourists can expect better facilities to enjoy a vacation here. Despite the status of an unofficial tourist spot, the island remains popular among travelers who want to get a new experience in a new place. Have no worries. Even newcomers can enjoy good times there. This article contains information regarding the condition, attractions, and accessibility of the island, after all.

The Nuance
Tourists start recognizing the beauty of the island since 2006, including the locals and foreigners. They are attracted to its unspoiled nature, after all. In terms of landscape, the island has different features including the sandy beaches and several corals. Not to mention coconut trees and several coast plants grow abundantly on it. As mentioned before, it is an inhabited island but there is only one village on it. The majority of villagers live as a fisherman and some of them even work as an unofficial tour guide.

Exploring Lorang Island
As one of the islands of Tello/Batu Archipelago, Lorang Island should be popular among travelers. At least, it becomes an alternative for those who want to enjoy quiet nature. As stated before, some people live on the island and they are often seen on the sea to catch some fishes. As for tourists, such activity becomes a unique attraction during the vacation in Lorang Island. It also becomes an opportunity to capture beautiful pictures based on objects like traditional boats, fishermen, the sea, the beach, etc.

The most interesting attraction in Lorang Island is the presence of church activity called “pentahbisan”. Usually, it is done when the locals are going to inaugurate a new building. As for tourists, it requires a review before watching and enjoying such event. At least, they need to gather information from the locals regarding the schedule. As an alternative, they can ask a reliable tour agent about it. It is better if they are able to speak the Indonesian Language to acquire such info, though.

Another fun activity to do in Lorang Island is island hopping as other small islands are located near to this one, including Sipika, Sibolo, and Sigata Island. In this case, tourists should have prepared enough cash to do such activity. It is for the boat fee and foods, after all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Baruyu Lasara Village
  • Sigata Island
  • Sipika Island
  • Sibolo Island

How to Get There
For those coming from Gunungsitoli City, they can directly head to the local port of Teluk Dalam Sub-District. It can be done through Raya Pelud Binaka Street, actually. As for the distance, it is 101 km so the trip may take about 3 hours or less. From the port, they need to rent a boat and head to Tello Archipelago right away. Later, another boat is required to get to Lorang Island.

Where to Stay

  • First Inn Hotel
  • Tello Island Surf House

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