Ladeha Beach in Amandraya Sub-District, South Nias Regency - Indonesia

The good thing about Nias Regency of North Sumatra Province is the presence of beautiful natural attractions like beaches and islands. That means tourists can enjoy an unforgettable natural adventure there. Here is the reference. The name is Ladeha Beach, which is famous for its coral reefs and hills. The location is in Lolomoyo Village and it belongs to Amandraya Sub-District, South Noas Regency. Thanks to the strategic location. Tourists can get to the beach easily by any vehicles due to its easy access. As for the activities, the beach is suitable for photography and sightseeing.

The Nuance
Once you get to Ladeha Beach, the breezy wind and stunning views of the sea welcome you. Not to mention a formation of big coral reefs and a nearby hill await you there. The best part is that those features are safe for climbing, so you can get better views from above. What is next? It is related to the waves, which are considered big and dangerous. This explains why swimming is not quite recommended, especially for those with no experiences. Another thing is that the beach features warm weather, but it could be quite hot at noon.

Exploring Ladeha Beach
The fact is that Ladeha Beach is not as popular as other beaches in Nias like Lagundi or Sorake. Moreover, it didn’t have many visitors in the past. However, that doesn’t mean it has inferior beauty to those beaches. As the time goes by, tourists start recognizing the potential of the beach and include it in their list of best vacation spots in Nias Regency. Even though swimming is not recommended (due to its big waves); visitors can enjoy other activities like sightseeing and climbing.

Here is the charm of Ladeha Beach. Due to an earthquake and tsunami in 2005, the beach’s landscape underwent some changes and created a unique natural pool on the shoreline. This is the place where visitors can enjoy swimming without worrying about the big waves. Due to such attraction, the number of visitors keeps increasing over time. No wonder, you might see more people on the site as compared to before. Hopefully, it would get a better reputation in the future!

Some tourists come to Ladeha Beach for surfing, as well. Still, they are experienced surfers who know the waves well. What about beginners? It is better not to get to water for the sake of safety. As an alternative, watching the sunset from the shore! Also, photography is a good idea and, in fact, the locals often choose the beach as their spot for the pre-wedding session. With all these activities, the beach would be more crowded in the near future. This also explains why it gets better reputation day by day. Don’t you agree?

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How to Get There
Ladeha Beach is located in Lolomoyo Village and it belongs to Amandraya Sub-District, Indonesia. For those coming from Gunungsitoli City, the trip takes approximately 3 hours as the distance is 119 km. When it comes to the best route, you can take Maniamolo Raya Street.

Where to Stay

  • Yonnas Hotel
  • SEM Hotel
  • Toho Nias Hotel
  • Keitaro Hotel 

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