Gunungsitoli City in Nias Regency, Indonesia

Some travelers indeed have heard about Nias Islands of North Sumatra Province. The capital of this region is called Gunungsitoli City and it is considered a good vacation destination, as well. Simply put, it is the biggest and oldest city in Nias! Even foreigners start recognizing the potential of the city and visit it regularly. It has another name, though. In the past, people called it Luaha. Still, no one knows why it changed to Gunungsitoli. Despite the confusion, tourists consider it as the checkpoint before they explore Nias Regency and, in fact, it owns several recommended spots to spend a holiday.

The Nuance
In terms of location, Gunungsitoli City is located near to Binaka Airport and Angin Port. Not to mention it is 85 miles apart from Sibolga City. In terms of topography, the city features many narrow hills that come with a different height. Aside from that, the city also features natural attractions like beaches, waterfalls, parks, and historical sites. Visitors can even find traditional houses scattered in some parts of the city. That means the locals keep their culture well and offer unique traditions for tourists to enjoy there.

Exploring Gunungsitoli City
The first attraction that tourists can find in Gunungsitoli City is the stunning beach panorama. Approximately, 9 beautiful beaches reside in this region and all of them are worth to visit! The best ones perhaps are Carlita, Malaga, and Nusa Lima Beach. The best thing is that these beaches are located near to each other so tourists can visit them all without spending too much time. It is also relieving that many types of transportation services are available there.

Not only tourists can explore the beaches, they can find other attractions (which is related to culture and history) as well. For instance, there are Nias Heritage Museum and Tumori Traditional Village. In these places, visitors can learn more about the values of the locals and history of Nias People. Do not forget to hire a tour guide who can tell more information regarding such things. Despite the fee, the service is definitely useful for tourists.

Once exploring those attractions, it is the time to visit the local paddy farms, where tourists can see an amazing view of the fields. Not to mention some local farmers are seen in the location working on their farms. Here is the fact. Gunungsitoli City consists of about 2,970 hectares of paddy fields! No wonder, lots of people there work as a farmer. As for tourists, it is possible to approach those farmers and watch the farming process up close.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ya’ahowu Park
  • Bunda Maria Park
  • Humogo Waterfall
  • Kara Sangadulo
  • Nias Heritage Museum
  • Tumori Village

How to Get There
From Jakarta City, you can take an airplane and head to Binaka Airport in Gunungsitoli City. The flight takes about 13 hours or less depending on the weather. After arriving at the destination, just find a hotel and rest for a while before exploring the city. It is also recommended to find a local restaurant to eat some delicious foods!

Where to Stay

  • Dian Otomosi Hotel
  • Vera Hotel
  • Tinca Hotel
  • Nias Palace Hotel
  • Charlita Hotel

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