Gomo Waterfall in Teluk Dalam Sub-District, South Nias Regency – Indonesia

Nias Regency becomes more popular among travelers, especially for those who visit Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It is a fact. One of the reasons is because the region owns several breathtaking waterfalls like the one that resides in Teluk Dalam Sub-District called Gomo Waterfall. As the name suggests, it is located in Gomo Village and belongs to South Nias Regency. Well, the site is famous for its refreshing water and splendid natural atmosphere after all. This is why visitors feel comfortable when spending an hour or two on the location. What can tourists do? Most of them conduct an exploration, relaxation, and photography.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Gomo Waterfall looks peaceful and offers cold atmosphere. The best time to visit the site is in the morning when the air feels more refreshing, actually. It has moderate height as well. The water flows down on a small hill, creating a great view which is worth a photo shoot! One thing, it requires some effort to get to the site as the waterfall is located in the middle of a small forest. Have no worries. The route is easy so everyone should be able to get there without hassles.

Exploring Gomo Waterfall
The fact is that Gomo Village is located near to Hilinawalo Fau Village. No wonder, tourists often drop by in this local settlement especially to enjoy the nature of the waterfall. Another reason to visit the village is that it provides an adventurous trekking opportunity to tourists. It is because visitors need to pass through hills and beautiful scenery to get to both the village and the falls. On top of that, the air feels so rejuvenating and fresh. It helps tourists to get rid of stresses somehow.

Once arriving at Gomo Waterfall, tourists can do some fun activities like photography and bathing. One thing, make sure to have prepared extra clothes beforehand. It is likely everyone is going to get wet due to the splash of the water of the falls. For those who don’t want to play water, they can simply sit under a tree and witness the scenery from afar. As an alternative, they can explore the site and watch the famous megalithic stones of Gomo. Have no worries. Taking pictures is allowed as long as tourists do not spoil the environment.

Another activity to do in Gomo Waterfall is definitely to visit the village itself. According to rumors, the people who live in Gomo are into cannibalism! Despite the rumor, the fact is that the villagers are warm and friendly. Some of them even offer a free service to tourists regarding the guide to reach the waterfall.

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How to Get There
The distance between Gunungsitoli City and Gomo Village is 72.7 km. That means the trip takes around 2 hours, but it can be faster if tourists take Raya Pelud Binaka Street. Once arriving at the village, the next trip requires small trekking to get to the waterfall. It takes several minutes, actually. Also, make sure to wear comfortable footwear during trekking.

Where to Stay

  • Jamburae Lodge
  • Kabunohi Sorake

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