Nias Heritage Museum (Museum Pusaka Nias) in Gunungsitoli City, Indonesia

When visiting Nias Regency of Indonesia, tourists should never forget to come to Gunungsitoli City. Why is that? Not only it is the capital of the region, but it offers numerous attractions to visitors. One of them is located in Yos Sudarso Street Iraonogeba Village, which is Nias Heritage (Pusaka Nias) Museum. It is the place where tourists can see lots of historical, cultural, and artistic items of Nias. Due to the reason, the site is suitable to enjoy photography, learn history, a family recreation, and culture tour. Another charm of the museum is that the location is near to a local beach! That means tourists can head to the coast right away after spending some time at the museum.

The Nuance
The size of Nias Heritage Museum is about 2 hectares and it can accommodate more than 1000 people! Have no worries. It provides facilities like a parking lot and toilets to tourists! What is more? Once tourists get to the site, they may see 4 pavilions that store different valuable collections of history, arts, biology, and others. In fact, more than 6,500 items are kept there.

Exploring Nias Heritage Museum
The most common reason to visit Nias Heritage Museum is to learn the history. It was in 1972 when a member of Catholic Missionary started to collect historical and artistic items of Nias Regency. At the first time, the number of these items was not that many. As the time went by, more and more items were collected and the man decided to build the museum. The purpose was none other than to store those collections. Thanks to this man. The name was Johannes M. Hammerle.

After gathering information regarding the history of the museum, the next activity is to explore the site. Aside from those valuable items, several rare plants and animals are kept there! The good news is that visitors are allowed to take pictures of them. What is next? The museum provides a traditional house of Nias (which is rentable). That means tourists can rest and relax at this unique house, before continuing the exploration. What they need is to pay the rental fee and make sure to book it earlier.

Before visiting the museum, all tourists should pay attention to several considerations. For instance, it related to the money. It is better to carry extra cash, as the money is going to be used to pay the entrance fee, rental fee of the pavilion, and to buy snacks or drinks. Have no worries. The entrance fee has included the parking facility.

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How to Get There
The distance between Gunungsitoli City and Iraonogeba Village is only 15.2 km. That means tourists only need to spend about 30 minutes to get to the location and the best route to take is Yos Sudarso Street. As for the transportation service, a bus or taxi is a good choice.

Where to Stay

  • Soliga Hotel
  • Nasional Hotel
  • Sthree Hotel
  • Tinca Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel

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