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Not all people have ever heard about Hinako Islands of Nias. Well, this formation of islands is part of West Nias Regency and becomes a choice when it comes to diving and swimming. It is also said Bawa belongs to the top list of the islands of Hinako, which tourists should explore when spending a vacation in Nias. Not only the island is famous for its water sports, but it also offers unique local’s routines which tourists can enjoy. Another reason to visit the island is due to the nice weather that comes almost throughout the year.

The Nuance
Bawa Island has the size of about 719 hectares and it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. No wonder, the sea scenery is amazing and the waves are suitable for surfing. As for the shoreline, the island’s coast has the length of about 17.5 km! On top of that, some parts of the beach are considered sloping, which is good for swimming. Once tourists get on the island, they can find three main villages inhabited by people came from West Nias as well. These include Kafo-kafo, Sawabawa, and Tuwa-tuwa.

Exploring Bawa Island
The first attraction in Bawa Island is the local civilization. Tourists can approach any people who live there. The fact is that 3 villages reside on the island and these are inhabited farmers, fishermen, and tour guides. The locals live in a humble manner and they are quite friendly to tourists. This is why visitors would feel comfortable when interacting with them. Sometimes, in fact, the locals offer free foods and accommodations to tourists! During the day, most of them are seen in local coconut plantations but the others are seen on the sea, fishing.

Apart from the interesting local settlement, Bawa Island is also famous for its natural underwater beauty. The best attraction is definitely the formation of corals, including the living and dead corals. Their size is definitely vast, so tourists can enjoy both snorkeling and diving well there. Not only the sea comes with majestic corals, more than 20 species of fishes live around that area. Well, it doesn’t have to be diving. Tourists can simply come to the beaches and enjoy the beauty of the vast sea and endless horizon!

Two types of beaches are available in Bawa Island, including sandy and rocky coasts. The best thing is they share a similar characteristic (which is the good visibility of the seawater). Aside from the beaches, another interesting feature of the island is the freshwater lakes with the depth of about 2 meters. These sites are good for relaxation and sightseeing, actually. Another best thing that tourists should be grateful for is the presence of local transportation services. That means they can explore the island without hassles, as compared to other islands in Hinako Archipelago.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bawa Island
  • Sirombu Beach
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How to Get There
Fortunately, tourists can use several methods to get to Bawa Island, depending on the location. For those coming from Gunungsitoli City, they can take a bus or taxi and head to Sirombu Port. The trip takes about 2 hours, actually. From there, they need to ride a boat and head to Bawa Island immediately (usually in the morning).

Where to Stay

  • Puri Asu Resort
  • Ina Silvi Resort

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