Lafau Beach in North Nias Regency, Indonesia

It seems tourists have lots of references of beaches when they spend a vacation in Nias Regency of Indonesia. One of them is located in North Nias, which is called Lafau. Despite it is not as famous as Lagundri or Sorake Beach, the site features more pleasant nuance as compared to those two. This explains why Lafau becomes a good alternative for those who want to relax and get away from daily routines. Not to mention it provides wonderful scenery on which tourists can use for the background of photography.

The Nuance
One of the reasons to visit Lafau Beach is the journey. In order to get to the location, tourists need to pass through a route featuring majestic views of nature. For instance, it is the view of Hilimaziaya Mountains! Not to mention it features the views of local farms. As long as there is no fog, the views are definitely amazing. Once arriving at the beach, a vast white sandy shoreline welcomes visitors. It looks exotic, especially at noon (reflecting the ray of the sun). What about the waves? They are not quite big, so swimming is quite possible there.

Exploring Lafau Beach
Lafau Beach resides near to the main road (which is about 100 meters apart), so everyone can easily find it. Once visitors get to the beach, the stunning views of the sea await them. The most noticeable feature of the beach is its extended coastline, having the length of about 500 meters.  Not only it is long, but the shoreline is also clean and beautiful. No trash or dead branches are seen on the site, which is quite appealing. Even the sand might lure tourists to either sit on or explore it!

The next charm of Lafau Beach is the calm waves. This becomes the reason why many tourists would enjoy swimming and snorkeling once they get to the beach. Here is the fact. The sea looks calmer than nearby beaches like Merah. Thus, make sure not to miss the opportunity to get in the water and swim in it. For those can’t swim, other recommended activities are beach walking and photography. Somehow, witnessing sunset is also popular there. Do not miss it!

Another recommended tourist activity is to visit the island located on the beach, which is called Panjang Island. This requires a boat to get to such destination, though. That means tourists need to spend some money to pay the fee of the boat. For a faster and more comfortable ride, it is recommended to rent a speedboat instead of the regular one.

Nearby Attractions

  • Panjang Island
  • Tureloto Beach
  • Red Beach
  • Bunyi Beach
  • Toyolawa Beach

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Lafau Beach belongs to North Nias Regency. For those coming from Gunungsitoli City, the trip may take about 1 hour and 30 minutes as the distance is 49.5 km. It can be faster if they come during the working days, though. Also, it is recommended to use a tour agency service.

Where to Stay

  • Afulu Retreat
  • Bumi Wiyata Hotel
  • Nasional Hotel
  • JC Grand Hotel 

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