Fetalasa Cave in Tello Island, Nias Islands Province - Indonesia

Located in Indonesia, Nias Islands becomes a good alternative when it comes to island hopping and natural exploration. It is also the home of tons of attractions including local traditions, beaches, foods, and even caves! As for the example, there is Fetalasa Cave in Tello Island, which is famous for its amazing scenery and landscape. Despite the charm, not many tourists know about the presence of such stunning cave in Tello. Not mention the location is a little bit secluded, hidden in a particular part of the beach.

The Nuance
The cave resides near to Baruyu Laras Village and it takes several minutes of walking in order to reach it, passing through a white sandy landscape of the shoreline. In terms of size, Fetalasa is similar to regular caves. However, there is one thing that makes it different than others, which is the mouth of the cave that faces the open sea! That means tourists can see the beautiful sea scenery and its big waves from inside the cave. The next interesting feature is the formation of swallow’s nests that you can find in it. Not to mention the air feels so fresh there.

Exploring Fetalasa Cave
The first charm of Fetalasa Cave is the trip. The reason is that tourists need to spend some minutes walking to the site from Baruyu Lasara Village. After arriving at the mouth or entrance of the cave, you may see its uniqueness. It is said the walls of the cave were formed due to sedimentation process. As mentioned before, the mouth of the cave faces directly to the open sea. With this fact, sightseeing becomes tourists’ next favorite activity when spending a vacation on the site.

The sea scenery looks amazing from the site, featuring big waves and white sandy coast. After enjoying the scenery, you can try other activities like climbing! It is true that visitors are allowed to climb the cave and enjoy better views from above. The thing is it takes much effort to climb it, due to the presence of steep rocks. Once you get to the top of the cave, make sure to take some pictures of the scenery using your camera. It is a rare occasion, so do not miss the chance to get the best photos!

As for the tips, the best time to visit Fetalasa Cave is during holidays or weekends. Why is that? The nuance becomes merrier and you can make new friends during the vacation. Not to mention it gives you the courage to explore the cave deeper and witness the nest of swallows in it. Like other caves, it is dark inside so you should carry a flashlight when it comes to exploration.

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How to Get There
From Gunungsitoli City, you only need to go to Sirombu Beach. From there, use any available boat and head to Tello Island Port right away. It is a long trip, so make sure to come with a good stamina and ample supplies! Once you get to the island, it is time to head to the cave immediately.

Where to Stay

  • Firstinn Hotel
  • Telo Island Surf House

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