Bogi Island in Hinako Islands, Nias Regency - Indonesia

Indonesia often becomes a place for escape for any tourists who want to stay away from daily routines for some while. Thanks to the presence of a wonderful vacation destination like Nias Regency. Everyone can find good options of natural attractions, including islands and beaches. In this case, the most recommended destination is Hinako Islands where Bogi and other beautiful islands reside. Bogi belongs to Sirombu Sub-District and it is within West Nias Regency, actually. This small island offers stunning underwater scenery and becomes a good place for fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Bogi Island is small and it doesn’t feature any facilities or accommodations. Despite the fact, the sea scenery is quite satisfying there. Several types of trees grow abundantly, especially dry coconuts, which create a shady nuance to the island. When it comes to the shoreline, the white sand awaits tourists with their glittering appearance. Not to mention it is soft and comfy. What about the underwater? Several types of corals and fishes reside underwater near to the island. In fact, the visibility is excellent as well.

Exploring Bogi Island
Despite the small size, Bogi Island never fails to amuse visitors. For instance, it has been chosen as a recommended site to enjoy marine attractions and a serene environment of the coast. This explains why the beach becomes the best spot for tourists to visit during the exploration. Even the white sand would amuse them and becomes a nice area for beach walking. At noon, the sand won’t feel hot, in fact. That means it is possible to do beach walking without any footwear (go barefoot)!

The next recommended activity to do in Bogi Island is to witness the underwater scenery. It can be done by either snorkeling or diving, actually. Once tourists get to the water, they can see numerous colorful fishes, different sizes of corals, and others. One thing, not all spots are suitable for diving due to the strong current and big waves. For beginners, it is better to go snorkeling with an instructor or those with experiences. The service helps them to find the best spot for diving and avoid any incidents during the activity, after all.

What is next? Bogi Island is a good option when it comes to surfing. Here is the reason. It is one of the best islands in Hinako Archipelago, which comes with great waves! If you do not like such challenging activity, fishing becomes a good alternative indeed. In this case, make sure to prepare the fishing rod and some bait beforehand. Have no worries. You can obtain them in Sirombu Sub-District or Gido City (before heading to Hinako Archipelago).

Nearby Attractions

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  • Sirombu Beach
  • Langu Island
  • Bogi Island
  • Hamatula Island

How to Get There
It is simple to reach Bogi Island, as tourists only need to head to Hinako Archipelago. For those coming from Gido City, a short trip to Sirombu Port may cost them 2 hours and 30 minutes. Next, they need to rent a boat and head to Bogi Island right away.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Asu Resort
  • Ina Silvi Resort

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