Hoya Beach in Gunungsitoli City, Nias Regency - Indonesia

Recognized as a region where tons of beaches reside, Nias Regency should become everyone’s next destination for holidays. As for the reference, there is Hoya Beach and it is located in Tetehosi Afia Village, Gunungsitoli. To be exact, it resides in the north of the capital of Nias and takes only several minutes to get there. The best thing about the beach is its panorama, featuring peaceful atmosphere and many natural attractions. No wonder, tourists often come to the site to enjoy sightseeing, relaxation, photography, and spend beautiful moments with families.

The Nuance
Due to its beauty, many people consider Hoya and Kuta Beach of Bali as twins! The coastline has the length of about 1,600 meters and a formation of pine trees grow near to it. In fact, according to the locals, there are hundreds of pines on the site! When it comes to the seawater, it is pure and clear. It even comes with a great visibility, which is about 8 meters. Another charm of the beach is the presence of beautiful sunset at dusk. It is considered the best view that tourists can enjoy the location, after all.

Exploring Hoya Beach
Before exploring Hoya Beach, it is recommended to eat some seafood at nearby “warung” (eatery). As an alternative, this can be done at noon after exploring the beach in the morning. Why is that? Some tourists choose to come to the beach at dawn, in order to watch the stunning sunrise and feel the breezier wind. At that time, the nuance feels more peaceful as well which helps visitors to relax and get rid of stresses. Once the sun gets higher, the warm sunray feels quite soothing on the skin!

Aside from the sunrise, Hoya Beach also has other charms including the rainbow. Such beautiful phenomenon occurs often time and becomes a great object for photography. Next, it is the soft-textured sand of the beach. Sitting on it while gazing at the sea is indeed comfortable! Not to mention the shady pine trees provide comfort during sightseeing. As for better comfort, you can rest on the available small cottages while eating snacks and drinking fresh coconuts.

The next best location to explore while spending a holiday in Hoya Beach is the pier. It is true that the beach features such facility, where tourists can use for fishing and sightseeing. No wonder, some locals are often seen on the pier and the site becomes a little bit crowded on the weekends and holidays.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Ya’ahowu Park
  • Bunda Maria Park
  • Humogo Waterfall
  • Kara Sangadulo
  • Muara Indah Beach
  • Nias Heritage Museum

How to Get There
A trip from Gunungsitoli City to Tetehosi Afia Village takes about 30 minutes as the distance is 13.2 km. It is a short trip, so tourists can use any type of vehicle to get to the location. As for the tip, it is better to get a room at the nearby hotel first before heading to the beach.

Where to Stay

  • Vera Hotel
  • Tinca Hotel
  • Nias Palace Hotel
  • Charlita Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel

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