Magnificent Afulu Lighthouse in Wunga Island, Nias Regency - Indonesia

Only several travelers have visited Tello Archipelago in Nias Regency. Despite the fact, such vacation destination is quite worthy for everyone to visit due to its flawless environment and clean air. That means such site is suitable for simple activities like relaxing and photography. As for the reference, one of the best islands to explore is Wunga. Why is that? This island offers an interesting local’s activities, splendid nature, a unique landmark (the lighthouse), and an opportunity for island hopping to a nearby island called Sumuk.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the island is indeed small and belongs to North Nias Regency. The question is what tourists can find on the island. Well, like most islands in Tello Archipelago, it consists of both natural attractions and a local settlement. Once tourists get to the island, they can see several houses of the locals, a guard post, and a lighthouse. Somehow, the lighthouse becomes the prime charm of the island due to its interesting design and strategic location. In fact, tourists are allowed to enter it and go to the top of this structure for sightseeing.

Exploring Afulu Lighthouse
Before heading to the best attraction of Wunga Island, the lighthouse, it is better to explore the whole parts of the island. For instance, tourists should head to the east part of it where the lagoon resides. It is also the site where tourists can witness coral reefs. Once enjoying such panorama, the next recommended thing to do is to approach the local settlement. Here is the fact. Only 8-9 households live on the island, so tourists won’t find many people there. No wonder, the nuance is a little bit quiet and peaceful which is suitable for lessening.

Now, it is the time to visit the lighthouse. The location is near to the village, so tourists can reach it easily. Once arriving at the site, an average size of the structure can be seen and it has the color of white. The lighthouse is surrounded by a fence so visitors need to get a permission from the guard who works there before entering the building. Aside from the fence, many trees grow near to it which creates a comfy atmosphere on the site.

Have no worries. The guards are friendly so everyone can get the permission to enter the lighthouse without hassles. From the top of the building, the sea scenery and surrounding environment look so beautiful! Thus, do not forget to use the camera and take some pictures of them. After enjoying sightseeing and photography in the lighthouse, tourists can simply head to the village and enjoy some foods. The only disappointment is that no inns or resorts are available on the island.

Nearby Attractions

  • Simuk Island
  • Laosi Beach
  • Ture Dawola Beach

How to Get There
From Gunungsitoli City, the first trip takes about 2 hours to Afulu Sub-District (Afulu Port) as the distance is 82.2 km. It can be done through Soekarno Street, actually. From the port, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Wunga Island by boat. The distance is 17 km, after all. Here is the thing. The trip can be longer if the weather is bad or the boat services are full-booked.

Where to Stay
Afulu Retreat

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