Luaha Ndroi Waterfall in Alasa Sub-District, Nias Regency - Indonesia

Travelers might find some beautiful waterfalls when visiting Nias Regency, including the one that resides in Alasa Sub-District called Luaha Ndroi. To be exact, the location is in Fulolo Village and it belongs to North Nias Regency, Indonesia. Even though it is not as popular as Humogo Waterfall, Luaha Ndroi comes with a pleasant nuance and comfortable environment. Plus, it features beautiful landscape on which tourists can explore. Another interesting fact is that the waterfall is quite accessible regardless of where tourists come from. At the site, visitors can enjoy bathing, relaxation, and even photography.

The Nuance
The most noticeable feature of the falls is that it comes with some levels, looking like stairs. The unique thing is that each level features a natural pond having the depth of about 1-5 meters. The water feels so refreshing as well, especially in the morning. What is next? Due to the low current, the sound of gurgling water is so comforting. Another important fact is that the site is surrounded by big trees and bushes. No wonder, the atmosphere feels quite shady and soothing (feeling like in a jungle).

Exploring Luaha Ndroi Waterfall
The first reason to visit Luaha Ndroi Waterfall is definitely its challenging landscape, where tourists can use for trekking. From Fulolo Village, visitors can choose to walk to the site with the distance of 2 km (approximately 15 minutes of walking). Have no worries. There has been already a footpath where tourists can use for trekking. For those coming by vehicle, they can park it on the side of the road near to the village. The best thing is that tourists would see many natural attractions during trekking, including dense trees and bushes. Plus, the atmosphere feels so refreshing on the site.

Once tourists get to the site, they might hear the sound of gurgling water and feel the peaceful atmosphere. Even the presence of the pond may astonish them! Do not forget about the song of the birds that comfort visitors. Another unique presence is the colorful butterflies that surround the bushes near to the falls. All of these attractions would accompany visitors when spending good times on the site. Somehow, the location is suitable for relaxation and finds peace during the weekends.Once enjoying good times in Luaha Ndroi Waterfall, tourists should not forget to drop by at the nearby village. On the location, they are able to witness the activity of the locals who work on the farms. On this village, tourists are allowed to use the toilets which they can’t find on the waterfall. So, make sure to use of such facility well during the visit.

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How to Get There
From Gunungsitoli City, a trip to Alasa Sub-District takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes as the distance is 98.7 km. This can be done through Tugala Oyo Street, which is considered the fastest route. As for the transportation, tourists can either ride a private or public vehicle. In this case, hiring a tour agent would be a good idea.

Where to Stay

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