Togi Ndrawa Cave in Lelewönu Niko’otanö Village, Nias Regency - Indonesia

For an idea to spend the next holiday in Indonesia, tourists should visit Nias Regency where many interesting vacation destinations are waiting to explore. This includes Togi Ndrawa Cave, which is considered the oldest cave where people once lived in it. According to some archaeologists, the cave has the age of more than 11,000 years! In terms of name, it means the cave of Islam. Why is the name, though? It is said there were Muslim immigrants who hid in it during the reign of Japan. This unique cave is located in Lelewönu Niko’otanö Village and it is quite reachable from Gunungsitoli City (the capital of Nias).

The Nuance
Not only Togindrawa Cave has an amazing history, but it features breathtaking nuance as well. For example, it is the leaf-like hole on its wall. The locals consider it as the hole to pick the heaven from inside the cave, in fact. Here is the next fact. The cave has 4 mouths or entrance located facing to both east and southeast, coming with different size. Once tourists get inside, they might see numerous stalagmites and stalactites too. Not to mention a lane resides in it, which connects to Fodo Village.

Exploring Togi Ndrawa Cave
The cave’s main charm is definitely the history. It is said there were people living in this cave about 12,000 years ago! These people depended on marine sources of the nearby mangroves for the living, actually. This information is considered true as many findings have been acquired, indicating the presence of human life back then. With this fact, most visitors are likely those who want to explore the traces of archeology on the site. They also come to the cave to learn its history and usually have hired a local guide who can provide the complete information regarding the site.

The next charm of Togi Ndrawa Cave is the presence of Omo Hada – a traditional house of North Nias. This unique structure resides near to the cave, so tourists should walk about several minutes to reach the location. As for the tip, do not forget to carry a camera during the exploration. No one wants to miss the opportunity to take good pictures of both the interior and exterior of the cave. In fact, Omo Hada also becomes a majestic object of photography.

Here is another recommended activity. Visitors can enjoy trekking and outdoor adventure on the site. The fact is that the cave resides on a place located about 135 meters above the sea level. From Lelewonu Village, it requires a short hiking or trekking to get to that location, after all. Thanks to the amazing environment. The trip doesn’t feel tiring at all.

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How to Get There
The distance between Gunungsitoli City and Lelewönu Niko’otanö Village is 22.4 km. That means the trip may take about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type of vehicle you are going to ride. As for the best route, it is Fondrako Street.

Where to Stay

  • Mega Nasional Hotel
  • Soliga Hotel
  • Sthree Hotel
  • Nasional Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel
  • Nias Palace Hotel

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