Megoto Lake in Alasa Sub-District, North Nias Regency, Indonesia

A beautiful tropical country like Indonesia should be everyone’s preference when it comes to a vacation. Why is that? The nation offers more than tourists can imagine, including thousands of islands and other majestic natural attractions. As one of its regions, Nias Archipelago (which is part of North Sumatra Province) becomes a worthy place to spend holidays. It is the home of several regencies and provides tons of vacation spots to tourists. As for the reference, there is one called Megoto Lake, which is suitable for those who want to enjoy a peaceful nuance of nature and get rid of stresses.

The Nuance
Megoto Lake resides in Ononamolo Tumula Village and belongs to Alasa Sub-District, North Nias Regency. Despite the beauty and potential, not many travelers have heard about the lake. Even the locals rarely visit the site, so the atmosphere feels so serene there. Not to mention the lake resides on an open empty land having the size of about 2,700 hectares. As for the size, the lake has the width of approximately 12 hectares. According to the locals, the government has the plan to build numerous tourism attractions there including a small zoo, agro-tourism, etc. On top of that, the lake is located near to a local village with its interesting culture.

Exploring Megoto Lake
Here is the fact, Megoto is the only lake that you can find in Nias Islands. No wonder, many tour agents recommend it to tourists and include it in the tour package. Being the only lake of the region, it doesn’t disappoint visitors. The first charm is definitely the scenery, which is both stunning and mesmerizing. The lake features lush bushes on all sides and a tall coconut tree located in the midst of it. That lonely tree often becomes an object of photography, in fact.

The next charm of Megoto Lake is the opportunity of trekking. It is because tourists need to walk to the site for several minutes, passing through dense trees and views of the hills. Along the way to the lake, you may encounter several animals as well including deer, wild boars, turtles, pangolin, and some species of local birds. The song of those birds creates a more appealing nuance to the location, as well.

Once you arrive at the lake, you can feel its serenity. The water looks luring, but it is not suitable for swimming, though. As the alternatives, visitors are allowed to enjoy other fun activities like photography, exploration, and relaxation. It is even possible to do recreation, eating foods with friends or families. With the lake view in front of you, it would be an amazing moment.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Megoto Lake is located in Alasa Sub-District. From Lotu City (the capital of North Nias Regency), the trip takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the traffic. If you come from Gunungsitoli, though, it takes only about 30 minutes. Once you arrive at Ononamolo Tumula Village, the next thing to do is to walk to the site for several minutes.

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  • Olayama Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel
  • Tinca Hotel
  • Vera Hotel

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