Baloho Beach in Teluk Dalam Sub-District, Nias Regency - Indonesia

The charm of Nias Regency is highly influenced by the presence of stunning beaches, including Baloho. The beach belongs to Teluk Dalam Sub-District and has been chosen as the best place to spend the afternoon with families, friends, or even lover. In fact, it has better facilities than other beaches that tourists can find in Nias Regency. On the site, tourists can enjoy several activities like relaxation, riding a jet ski, watching the sunset, etc. The beach also becomes a favorite place to spend a romantic moment during honeymoon!

The Nuance
The first charm of the beach is the beautiful reflection of the sun seen on the surface of the water, especially during the dusk. Not to mention the sunset looks so amazing from this location. Next, it is related to the facility, which is considered quite accommodating. These include the beach chairs and umbrellas where tourists can use for relaxing. In terms of shape, the beach is similar to a lake as it resides within the cape. No wonder, the waves are quite calm and soothing. The beach even features a small park and some beautiful ornaments like a heart-shaped statue.

Exploring Baloho Beach
In the past, most of the people come to Baloho Beach to enjoy fishing. They are the locals who live near to the site, actually. Despite the number of fishers decrease over time, such activity remains popular for sure. Not only the fishes, but visitors can also hunt shells on the shoreline. This explains why the beach is quite recommended for a family vacation, especially those with kids. Playing on the coast and fishing or hunting shells are fun, after all. Have no worries. Many people visit the beach every day, which are about 60 people per day. That means the nuance is merry and exciting!

Usually, the locals come to Baloho Beach either at noon or afternoon. Aside from fishing, they enjoy a fun activity like photography. In this case, the best spot to take pictures is the one where the heart-shape statue (tugu cinta) resides. Unlike the locals, the outsiders would come to the site at night in order to enjoy a distinct atmosphere. They do not even worry about the accommodations, as several inns are available near to the location.

The next recommended activity is to explore the beach by Jet Ski. Have no worries. The rent fee is not that expensive. As an alternative, tourists can rent diving or snorkeling gear and explore the underwater scenery! Several instructors are even available for tourists to hire there. What is next? At the end of the adventure, they can visit the nearby restaurant and enjoy delicious seafood.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to get to the beach, travelers need to take Raya Pelud Binaka. It can be done from Gunungsitoli City, actually. The distance is 116 km, so the trip may take about 3 hours. It can even be faster if they use a good transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Keitaro Hotel
  • Yohannes Motel
  • Sem Hotel
  • Toho Nias Hotel

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