Laowomaru Beach in Fodo Village, Nias Regency - Indonesia

Being the capital of Nias Regency, Gunungsitoli City has the most visitors when it comes to tourism. One of its charms is Laowomaru Beach, which is located in Fodo Village. Like Lagundri and Sorake Beach, this one connects to the Indian Ocean but it features calmer waves than them. Due to this reason, it is more suitable for relaxation and recreation instead of enjoying surfing. When it comes to the activities, tourists can enjoy beach walking, swimming, and photography. Some people even come to the site to eat together with families, accompanied by the mesmerizing views of the sea.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Laowomaru Beach is both beautiful and exotic. It features clear seawater, white sand, and lush coconut trees. Due to the presence of those shady trees, the atmosphere feels refreshing and soothing! The next interesting view is the local kids who often come to the beach, running around on the coast and look for small animals on the site. What is more? Several local food stands (warung) are available where tourists can buy some foods and drinks, especially seafood.

Exploring Laowomaru Beach
When it comes to tourist activities, Laowomaru Beach is suitable for sightseeing. The view of the Indian Ocean is seen clearly from the site, including the mesmerizing waves. The sea scenery looks exotic and it might impress the visitors, for sure. Aside from sightseeing, such beauty of the beach becomes a worthy object for photography as well. Therefore, do not forget to carry a camera or simply use the smartphone’s camera feature to capture such stunning landscape. As for the tip, make sure to come during either the sunrise or sunset.

The next recommended activity is beach walking. Thanks to the nuance of the beach. It helps visitors to get a peaceful feeling during the exploration. Even the breezy wind feels so comfy at the site. Here is the tip. The best time to do beach walking is in the morning where the air comes at its best. Not only the beach offers fresh air, it also comes with soft-textured sand! No wonder, everyone can walk on the shoreline barefoot! Here is another amazing fact. The sand doesn’t even feel hot at noon.

Another recommended activity to do in Laowomaru Beach is swimming. It is considered safe to swim in the sea due to its calm waves, unlike those of Lagundri and Sorake. Even though Laowomaru connects to the Indian Ocean, the waves are calmer than its siblings. After enjoying all the activities, the last thing to do is indeed enjoying seafood at nearby food stands. Have no worries. The beach provides some gazebos to tourists, so everyone can enjoy the foods at this comfy place while gazing at the sea.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
A trip to Laowomaru Beach takes about 50 minutes from Gunungsitoli City. Usually, tourists may take Diponegoro Street in order to get to Fodo Village (where the beach resides). The distance is 21.6 km, after all. As an alternative, it is Pattimura Street, which has the distance of 23.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Mega Nasional Hotel
  • Soliga Hotel
  • Sthree Hotel
  • Nasional Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel
  • Nias Palace Hotel

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