Baho Ndra Waterfall in Simanaere Village, Nias Regency - Indonesia

There is always a reason to visit Nias Regency, including the need to explore the beauty of local waterfalls like Baho Ndra. This peaceful waterfall resides in Simanaere Village and belongs to Gunungsitoli Idanoi Sub-District. Usually, the site is empty but it becomes crowded during weekends and holidays. The visitors are likely to take a bath in the natural pond located under the falls and take some pictures of the environment, actually. Some of them simply enjoy the nuance in order to eradicate stresses. Regardless of the purpose, Baho Ndra suits nature lovers’ desire, for sure.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Baho Ndra Waterfall offers a peaceful atmosphere. What tourists can hear are only the sound of gurgling water and the songs of the birds. In terms of size, the falls have the height of about 10 meters and it features a small pond having the depth of about 2 meters. The next important feature is that the waterfall is surrounded by dense trees and bushes. Some vines also grow on the small cliff where the falls reside. With all these features, the site indeed becomes a great background for photography!

Exploring Baho Ndra Waterfall
One of the reasons to come to Baho Ndra Waterfall is to get rid of boredom. It is said spending several minutes on the site helps visitors to get rid of stresses! Thanks to the pristine environment. Also, it is because the site is surrounded by dense trees so it offers relaxing nuance to visitors. Not to mention the heat of the sun is not able to penetrate the location. That means tourists would feel comfortable spending hours on the site even at noon.

The next popular activity in Baho Ndra Waterfall is trekking. It is common sense as tourists should pass through a challenging route in order to reach the site. For instance, it requires short walking or trekking from the parking area to the location, which has the distance of about 200 meters. Once arriving at the site, visitors can even conduct another trekking to explore the surrounding. For example, there is the neighboring waterfall called Goli-Goli which offers a bigger pond. However, make sure to wear proper footwear during trekking.

Another recommended thing to do in Baho Ndra Waterfall is to swim on the natural pond. The size is big enough for tourists to get and play in the water. It indeed feels rejuvenating! As for better experience, it is better to come in the morning when the water feels fresher and more soothing. Another tip is that tourists should have prepared extra clothes or swimming suits before visiting the falls.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Gunungsitoli City and Simanaere Village is 31 km. That means the trip takes approximately 1 hour to get to the site. Not to mention it requires a short trekking to reach the waterfall once tourists have arrived at the village. As for the route, they can choose Raya Pelud Binaka Street.

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