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An unlimited option of beaches to visit is available in Nias Regency and one of them is called Muara Indah Coast. This alluring beach is located in Ahmad Yani Street, which resides near to the city center and another impressive beach called Charlita. Muara means “estuary” and Indah means “beautiful”. As the name suggests, the beach features a mesmerizing firth where fresh water meets the brine. Due to such uniqueness, tourists often come to the site to explore the firth and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea. Not to mention they can enjoy several cultural art performances, done at certain times.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Muara Indah Beach is indeed stunning. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t feature white sand. Instead, it comes with exotic light brown sand and some other features like coconut trees and bushes. As mentioned before, the prime charm of the beach is the estuary where the fresh and brine water blends. The next features are the presence of warm weather and breezy wind, which might comfort everyone who visits the beach. Moreover, several food stands operate in the beach, providing appetizing seafood!

Exploring Muara Indah Beach
Once arriving at the gate of Muara Indah Beach, tourists can feel the breeze of the wind, which is quite refreshing. Many trees are also seen on the site, promoting comfy coolness to the site. On top of that, several gazebos are available and arranged neatly for tourists to use. Knowing this fact, visitors are likely to relax at the gazebo while watching the nearby scenery. It also explains why recreation is quite popular there, gathering and eating with families. It doesn’t have to be the main course for lunch, as they can simply enjoy snacks and soft drink.

Aside from recreation, Muara Indah Beach is popular due to its firth. It is, in fact, the most visited spot of the beach! The river connects to the sea, so the fresh water blends with the sea water beautifully. Another important fact is that the estuary becomes the place where three river currents meet. This location is also known as Luaha Talu, actually. At the site, tourists can simply watch such unique phenomenon or take some pictures of it.

The last thing to do at Muara Indah Beach (before going home) is to enjoy seafood, including grilled squid, crabs, shrimps, and local fishes. Here is the tip. Make sure to come during weekends where more tourists are seen on the location. Not only the nuance becomes merrier, but tourists have the chance to make new friends there. Yet, coming during the working days provide a more peaceful atmosphere and it is suitable for those who want to get away from daily routines.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
To be exact, the beach is located in Afia Village and it belongs to North Gunungsitoli Sub-District. From Gunungsitoli City, a trip to Muara Indah Beach takes only several minutes as the distance is 15 km. To be exact, it resides in Ahmad Yani Street no.6 and it is close to Charlita Beach. This explains why tourists should not miss the chance to visit such neighboring beach.

Where to Stay

  • Vera Hotel
  • Tinca Hotel
  • Nias Palace Hotel
  • Charlita Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel

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